Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nature Poetry/Drawing

Over ten years ago, and in spite of all the discouraging remarks that I received from art and English instructors in my early years, I got the idea that I could write poetry and draw pictures. I still love natural metaphors. At the time, creative writing and drawing seemed like a great way to express a few thoughts that were running through my mind. Although attempts at both were clearly not destined for greatness, they filled some winter down time and also fulfilled a part of my lifelong "Things I Want to Do" list.

And so, I offer this from 1996:

Seeking Solace

As frigid winds of cynicism and ignorance paint the walls of the world that I'm inhabiting

I spiral downward, crashing upon the ground in a puddle of tears

I lie close to the earth for a longing moment

Seeking the solace that only Nature can bestow upon me.

Soon the river sings,

"Flow around through effortless action, smooth out the jagged edges of the rock"

The trees join in countermelody,

"Sink your roots deeply. Bend and be straightened. Grow toward the Light."

In time the rock itself acquiesces, powerless against the miniscule droplet of the river and sky, and yielding to the invasive roots of the sapling.

I balance at the edge of the nest, wings outstretched...

For the Light of the world is migratory,

And I have been given the gift of flight.

I await the warm winds that will carry me away.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I enjoyed your poem a lot. I was treated for cancer last year, (I'm doing great now), and spending time alone in nature really helped me.

I belong to an environmental book club and, this month, we are each bringing a poem to discuss. How would you feel about my bringing yours? It would just be a small, private group, no publishing in any way.

Thank you.


Greg said...

I'd be honored. Just give credit and send them to my blog! :)
Congratulations in your battle against cancer.
My brother-in-law is taking chemo right now. We have great hope. He is strong and determined. We have a trip west to Yellowstone. planned in August.
What part of the world do you represent?