Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yikes, a Shrike: Part Two

My friend Marvin DeJong sent me more pictures of the shrike that we saw yesterday so I thought I'd post them. The first one on this page tells it like it is......... better than any previous photo. I filled out the documentation form today, but must admit that I'm not 100% because of a link that David Ringer sent me. The whole experience, however, has been fascinating!

So, thanks to all who have written me personally, and to any readers out there in cyberspace that can contribute their expertise to this discussion by commenting on this blog. I really do enjoy the discussion and the fact that I'm learning a lot about a species that is very unfamiliar to me, even if it could ultimately lead to a Loggerhead identification.

Special thanks to N8 for encouraging me to take the risk in posting and documenting this bird, to Marvin DeJong for letting me post his photographs here, and to my wife Martha for letting me obsess about a bird for the entire weekend when holiday tasks are mounting. May it all collectively serve to increase everyone's awareness of the avian world, but especially my own. ;)

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david said...

Wow, look at that top photo! Very nice...where was that one in the first place? :)