Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Marvin DeJong Photos: Waterfowl in Alaska

After receiving so much positive response for Marvin's eagle photographs, I decided that I couldn't wait to showcase a few more of his wonderful images. There are many species in his waterfowl collection that I so far only dream of seeing. I know many of you will have no problem identifying them, but it was been a great exercise in bird identification for me. Marvin periodically sent me his "mystery bird" photos via e-mail during his time in Alaska last winter and spring.
So, enjoy. I won't spoil your fun in identifying the birds. Of course, I know that most are way too easy, but I'm still curious about the corms and gull in #7. I'll number them if you'd like to comment:


7. How many species? ID the gull......
8. Again, what are the gulls?


Come back soon for Marvin's shorebirds........ in breeding plumage.

All photos copyright by Marvin DeJong.

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N8 said...

#7 has DC Corms (the big ones) and Pelagic Corms (the small ones) Note the small bill, black face, and white hip patch in several of them.

The gull looks like a adult Glaucous-winged to me. It's got a pale mantle, pink legs, and especially the gray wingtips. Glaucous has white wing-tips, Herring would have black.