Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Casual" Chipping Sparrow Near Bull Creek

Prairie Falcons, Lapland Longspurs, Cackling Geese, Harris's Sparrows, Canvasbacks, Rusty Blackbirds, Pine Siskins, Merlins...... the list of uncommon, rare, and casual birds coming out of the Springfield area in February of 2008 continues. And, today, another one appeared..........

Claudia DeJong, Marvin's wife, spotted and identified this Chipping Sparrow under the DeJong's feeder this morning. This is a significant winter sighting for Missouri. It is listed on the Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds as a "casual" winter resident in southern Missouri (5-15 documented winter records). The DeJongs live in southern Christian County along Bull Creek.
photos courtesy of Marvin DeJong
Congratulations, Claudia! Thanks for sharing!
Hope the SW Missouri trend continues!

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