Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Surf"ing for the "Least" of These

Greetings from the Semipalmated Plover. Marvin gave me a CD of his Birds of Alaska. Yesterday I posted a few shorebirds, and got some great comments. So, I took a quick look at the CD again tonight. I found these three that I really like. Check out the detail in this beautiful Least Sandpiper! And here's the Surfbird that Marvin mentioned in his comment yesterday. All photos copyright by Marvin DeJong.


noflickster said...

Again, beautiful shots, especially to see birds "doing what they do" (I'm looking at the Surfbird and turnstone foraging among the rocks and kelp). I'm hoping for a northwestern trip (WA state) later this year so I'd better start studying my western shorebirds now!
- Mike

Greg said...

I'll pass your comment on to Marvin. He loves sharing his photos!
Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks for the help in managing my blog.