Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Backyard Birding

It's been a delightful migration season in the Ozarks. In spite of living in a suburban subdivision, I was amply entertained by my yard birds. I even added two life yard birds to my list, a Tennessee Warbler and a Green Heron.

The thrills, however, were not from the drab warbler, but from the flashes of colors that arrived during the season. From Indigo Buntings to Baltimore Oriole, the range and variety of hues was simply outstanding. Beginning with our Missouri state bird,
the bathing Eastern Bluebird:
My favorite yard bird, the Baltimore Oriole.

and, of course, the elegant Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


marvin d said...

I enjoyed your bathing bluebird pictures almost as much as he seems to enjoy your birdbath.

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Cool bathing bluebird shots!

Greg said...

Thanks to both of you for dropping by. I enjoyed it, too. He's still hanging around. Haven't seen the female though.