Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big Day Part Three: The Glades and Forests

After our prairie visit and our drive to the forests, rains delayed our birding just long enough for us to grab lunch in Ozark before heading down to Busiek Conservation Area. Upon arrival we tried to call up a Cerulean Warbler, but we were unsuccessful. We then headed to the limestone glade to pick up the Prairie Warbler. We were greeted by this Ruby-throated Hummingbird gathering nectar from an Indian Paintbrush.
All Photos courtesy of Marvin DeJong
Soon after we heard the chief avian residence of the Missouri glade habitat, the Prairie Warbler. He paused long enough to give us all great looks, and Marvin caught a bit of his personality in the photos below:

It was then time to head for the deep woods. We followed Prairie Ridge Road over to W highway, which is the gateway to the Mark Twain National Forest. The forests were alive with small birds as our list mount toward the 100 mark. A Red-shouldered Hawk posed near its nest just before the Red Bridge Bull Creek crossing.
Shortly after crossing the bridge, we spotted the Gray-cheeked Thrush, our 100th bird for the day! Pine Warblers become our 101st, where else but on top of Pine Ridge. It was 3:30, and there was much ground to be covered.
On the way to the mudflats of Palmetto Meadows and FR 166, we stopped by Linden to observe nesting Barred Owls and to see if we could add Prothonotary Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush. Unfortunately, we ended the day with neither of these warblers.

Onward we went, our mission then was to pick up shorebirds and waders. More on that later!


marvin d said...

Good job on your Big Day blogs. I just got around to reading them. It was a great day, lots of birds, some rain, and lots of fun.

noflickster said...

In "A Birder's Guide to Arkansas" Mel Write quoted someone saying something along the lines of "Everyplace in Arkansas is great the first week of May." As birds don't recognize our arbitrary political boundaries, that clearly holds true for SW MO!

Great fun reading about your Big Day, and I love the bunting shots from Part II - that bird is glowing!

The Prairie Warbler is awesome as well, but I'm an admitted sucker for them. They're pretty local around the southern tier of NY, but out house is one of those local spots.

Great posts!
- Mike

Greg said...

Thanks Mike and Marvin,
It was, indeed, a very special day in the Ozarks.

And, without Marvin's photos, the blog would certainly have been far less entertaining. Thanks again, Marv.

And, Mike, thanks for dropping by!