Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Raise the Raftanic II

Looking across the Finley River on a cold, March day, we spotted the first raft clinging to the brush after the mighty waters subsided. March floods wreaked havoc upon riparian zones in the Ozarks, and, as a result, our friends Ted and Cathie mourned the demise of their beloved floating dock after it took an unbridled and especially destructive ride downstream. I featured this regional watercraft in blogs last autumn. I offer these entries as a memorial to the sunken ship.The spirit of the vessel lingered as life without this elixir became less than tolerable for Ted and Cathie. So, the craft was retrieved from the brush by a group of hardy, but aging outdoors men and women. They set up a Tyrolean Traverse across the river current and hauled the wreckage to Ted's boathouse for repair. Unfortunately, Ted soon found that even though some parts were salvageable, the broken and bruised deck of the watercraft would have to be rebuilt.Five weeks later, we were delighted to be invited to the launching of Raftanic II. With lawn chairs hors doevres, and 3 bottles of wine, we left the land behind and headed up the river. The pictures say it all, and we were happy that the little electric motor survived its inundation and served us quietly and efficiently for the whole evening.

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