Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama Swoops Into Southwest Missouri

If you consider all the recent hoopla about opening ANWR and America's continental shelves to off shore drilling, this blog post is certainly an issue that affects birds and birding. And if you believe that birds, other fauna and flora have a better chance of survival in a world that relies upon clean, renewable energy, and in a country that protects its vast wilderness from exploitation,this post does pass that test, abiding by its conservation mission. Yes, the 2008 Presidential Election may be as critical for the myriad life forms in the wild as it is for us humans. Become an advocate for common sense green solutions!

Last September I read a pertinent, albeit somewhat dated now, analysis of Barack Obama and birding over at The Drinking Bird. It's definitely worth the read. But on to the big event of the day here in Southwest Missouri!

Here we are. My wife Martha and friend Marvin and Claudia. Volunteers full of hope and advocating for real change in America!

And here he is, with the future in his hands. From what I've seen, Barack Obama consistently takes the high ground. He certainly will be a responsible voice of common sense for posterity. Perhaps our efforts to prevent the Democrats from caving in on ANWR and off-shore drilling will preserve and protect our precious flora, fauna, and other natural resources for the future. Let Congress know how you feel.

photos by me


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Obama does not have an energy policy and he has been backing away from most of what he said before he got the to the point where his nonimation is assured. I would not hold much hope for change if he gets elected it will be more of the same except with a Democratic voice.

marvin d said...

Well, I certainly disagree with Rick. He was very clear about discontinuing oil as an energy source both because it makes us dependent on foreign oil sources and because any carbon-based fuel is going to continue to pollute and may eventually destroy us. He is the only politician I know that is aware that we have a window of opportunity to do something about climate change and that after that it may be too late (consider the planet Venus). He seems to be aware that energy and climate change are intimately related; you cannot have one concern without the other. He also talked about spending lots of money on alternative energy research. I think he has a clear energy policy. I think most of what Rick said is dead wrong.

Greg said...

Yesterday, he equated the move toward alternative energy with the Kennedy committment to put a man on the moon. He wants to put 15 Billion per year into R & D into alternative sources of energy. That's a distinct contrast to the alternative McCain/Bush point of view, which allows CEOs of Exxon Mobil to now repeatedly walk away with the largest quarterly profits in the history of capitalism.

From my perspective: From those to whom much is given, much is expected, and with great potential comes great responsibility.

It's time for the oil companies and related corporations to step up to the plate and do what's right, not always what is simply profitable. Their political recipients (i.e., McCain/Bush) need to be public servants that they claim to be instead of corporate puppets that they have become.
It's that simple.
I'm fired up for Obama because I still believe that change is not only possible, but necessary at this time. He clearly is our best bet in our recovery from fossil fuel addiction.

marvin d said...

I might add that Rick gives absolutely no supporting evidence to back up his statement: "Unfortunately Obama does not ......." Rick's stateament is simply his off-the-wall opinion stated like a fact. McCain has an energy policy; more drilling, more burning of carbon-based fuels, more pollution, and lots of nuclear energy without any plan to dispose of the waste.

With Obama there is change in the wind, but many people are afraid of change and they are searching for reasons to avoid it.

N8 said...

Meh, those who can't see the difference between the Dems and the Repubs in this election aren't really paying much attention.

That's just lazy democracy.