Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Conservationist's View of the 2008 Election

Peace........... Economic Prosperity............ Environmental Protection and Conservation........... Global Alliances......... An unheard of annual budget surplus........ A standing ovation before the United Nations Assembly....... Within the William J. Clinton Library and Museum, the legacy of the Clinton administration rose up within us, and my wife and I again felt the too long repressed wave of patriotism surge.
It was spring break, so we attempted to escape the cold weather of SW Missouri, heading four hours directly south to Little Rock. The strategy worked as we enjoyed 3 days of 70+ temperatures, culminating with an 84 degree Thursday in central Arkansas.
On our first day, we visited the Clinton Library and Museum. The building itself is interesting in the least. It is a LEED Platinum certified green building that sits on the banks of the Arkansas River, where it symbolizes a bridge to the future. Its grounds are large and manicured, but apparently resemble the grasslands enough to lure a very approachable pair of Loggerhead Shrikes.
But back to the Clinton presidency. It's incredible what a visionary and great communicator that Bill was, and still is! And, it's unbelievable how quickly "W" unraveled eight years of progress on every front. It's even harder to believe that anyone would think that the conditions that we are currently experiencing in this country are preferable to those experienced in the 90's.

Although I am currently supporting Barack Obama for president, I found myself highly respecting the role of Hillary both before and during Bill's years in the Whitehouse. Going back to a time, even before the two met, one finds Bill and Hillary were two highly gifted individuals believing strongly in public service, and modeling a life of action to achieve the highest of ideals. That is still true today.

Sure, they are both humans, with their inherent faults and shortcomings, but for the most part, they both strived and continue to strive to move America to a more enlightened state, embracing our strengths as one diverse and beautiful country, and furthering the cause of "liberty and justice for all".

Then comes Bush, Chaney, Rove, etc..... How quickly greed and intolerance can unravel progressive thought. The Republicans certainly can no longer claim to be "conservatives" as they continue to squander valuable natural and human resources, increase federal debt, and encourage spending and deficits, rather than striving to create a sustainable environment of savings and surpluses. So, the lesson is this. Eight years is not enough time to return America to its greatness. We need at least 16 unbroken years of visionary progress toward peace, sustainability, and global cooperation. So, I join others in advocating the dream Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket. It does have the potential to return control to those that see the global community as one village and see the value of conserving and protecting natural resources.

Come on, Hillary and Barack! Put your petty differences aside to join forces for the common good. Let the Democratic Party decide the nominee, but if you lose, join the winner to complete the Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket. Make the decision to do so before June. It is the only way to ensure that we have enough time to adequately turn this country around.


marvin d said...

Amen and amen! I don't know about the combo ticket, but we sure cannot deal with the stupidity, greed, militarism, partisanship, shortsightedness, lies, spin, divisiveness, and all the other shortcomings of the current administration for another 4 years. And McCain is too reluctant to make a break with the neoconservatives and to ready to continue this useless war.

Larry said...

I'll second that notion!I am concerned that McCain has a chance because both democratic candidates have shown some vulnerability.