Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Jay" Hawks and "Cee" Gulls

On a recent trip to Topeka, Kansas, we stopped by Clinton Reservoir, just west of Lawrence, Kansas. It was a clear and calm evening and a couple of species were very active in the region. Clearly, the most common bird species in this area is the Jayhawk, an odd looking flightless bird fiercely protected in this University of Kansas town. Second to the Jayhawks in number, however, were the Ring-billed Gulls that were hanging around the Clinton Reservoir dam. Apparently there was a recent fish kill as I saw many gulls gorging themselves on dead fish up to 6 inches long. Among the thousands of Ring-bills was a young 1st or 2nd year Herring Gull and a few Common Goldeneye.I was hoping for something else, but my scans didn't turn anything up. The good thing is that birds are active and moving in spite of this past frigid week in NE Kansas.

I'm celebrating the arrival of Daylight Savings Time!

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